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3 Ideas From a Home Remodeling Service Provider

Get Your Remodeling Project Done This Summer

Summer is a time to have fun in the sun. But the summer season isn’t all about barbecues and vacations — this is a great time to tackle some home improvement projects. Whether it’s a development to your house or yard, the warmest months of the year provide plenty of opportunity to improve the look, and better yet, the value of your home. Here are 3 ideas from a home remodeling service provider that you can plan to tackle over the summer months:

New Garage Door

Your garage door can take a beating. Whether it’s a miscalculated parking attempt or from a rough game of pickup basketball, your garage door can easily become dented and scraped up. Sometimes a coating of paint just won’t be enough, so taking time over the summer to change out your door can be a great renovation. Not only will it increase curb appeal, but this is another renovation that increases home value.

Add a Deck

Summer is the time of year for outdoor entertaining, and you can extend your living space by adding a deck to your home. A wooden deck can be a strong investment, as it can help increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell it. If you already have a deck, take a weekend to strip and stain it. It can give your home a huge appearance upgrade.

Replace Your Windows

Winter may still be months away, but summer is the time to replace inefficient windows. The cold weather will sneak up on you, and old windows can lead to a chilly, drafty house. While this isn’t the most exciting home improvement project, it is one that will likely give you a high return when you sell your home. You’ll also be excited over the cuts to your home energy costs in summer and winter by replacing drafty windows.

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