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3 Top Benefits of French Drain Installation

Why Is a French Drain a Wise Choice?

Installing a French drain is not only cost-saving, but it additionally helps to reduce soil erosion and runoff, improves plant health and growth, and increases water quality. When used as part of a rainwater harvesting system, a French drain can be a key factor in ensuring that the water that falls on your property is safely collected and stored, rather than allowing it to flow into storm drains and into the sewer system. The following are some of the other benefits of French drain installation:

Improves Soil and Water Erosion resistance

A French drain will reduce soil and water erosion in two ways. First, by reducing runoff, the drain helps to prevent soil from washing away and from becoming overwhelmed by rainfall. Second, by preventing water from flowing across the top of the soil, a French drain helps to stop soil erosion. By installing a French drain, you’re ensuring that your soil remains stable and is protected from wind, rain, and water.

Protects Trees and Plants

The French drain is an efficient method of preventing soil erosion. That’s because water will flow into the drain at a slower pace, providing the soil with more time to acclimate to the flooding. Because the flow of water will not be as fast as it would if a French drain was not in place, the soil will still be moist while the roots of your trees and plants are still intact.

Improves Soil and Water Quality

The increased moisture and slower speed of water movement within the drain will ensure that the soil will continue to stay moist, preventing it from drying out or cracking. The slow rate of water flow within the drain will also help to reduce water pollution from fertilizers and other pollutants that get washed into the soil from fertilized lawns and gardens.

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