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Bathroom Flooring Options for Your Home Renovation Project

Best Flooring Materials for Bathrooms

Other than just a lovely finish, there are many other considerations when selecting a bathroom flooring option. Bathroom floors must be properly constructed to withstand moisture, humidity, and spills. It makes sense that porcelain and ceramic tiles are used in the majority of modern bathrooms. These are some examples of long-lasting, water- and stain-resistant flooring materials. They also come in a range of hues and finishes, making it simple to select the choice that best matches the style of your house. Consider the options below if you’re looking for bathroom flooring options for a current home renovation project.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are best characterized by being lovely, fashionable, waterproof, and reasonably priced. With these tiles, you can achieve a rich and textured finish without spending much money. The biggest drawback is the tiles’ potential to be cold and slippery. The tiles can have texturing added to them to prevent slipping. Additionally, choose smaller tiles because they have more grout and are less slick.

Vinyl Sheets

Due to its attractiveness and durability, vinyl is a popular option for bathroom flooring. Vinyl sheets are frequently used in places with a high likelihood of prolonged exposure to water, such as the laundry room. The best part about this bathroom flooring material is that there are thousands of options. For your bathroom, you can also select vinyl planks or tiles.

Natural Stone

Home renovations have used stone flooring options like marble, granite, and limestone for many years. Despite the high cost of stone flooring, it has a distinctive look and, when properly sealed, is very durable. Real stone flooring is very expensive and can become extremely icy and slippery. Sandblasting to add texture to the floor is one way to make it less slick. You can also buy stone flooring options that are already textured, like slate, to give your bathroom a non-slip surface.

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