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Foundation Repair Service Depends on the Type of Foundation You Have

Different Types of Foundations

Have you checked your foundation recently? It has to be inspected often, especially if it is in the front or side of your house. Small cracks and other signs of structural issues could grow worse and become a problem if they are not checked or repaired by a foundation repair expert. To identify foundation issues effectively, you have to learn the different types of foundations first. The following list is a rundown of the different types of foundations that each one should know.

Pier and Beam Foundation

The foundation system of a pier and beam foundation is one of the most popular types of foundation system. A pier is a vertical piece that is used to support the weight of the upper floor. The beams are horizontal pieces that connect the piers, thus transferring the load from one piece to the other. When a building is built on a pier and beam foundation, the weight of the lower floors is transferred to the piers, thus transferring the load from one piece to the other, and then to the foundation. These types of foundations are used in buildings that have one or more floors above grade.

Tubular Foundation

A tubular foundation is made up of many concrete rings that are filled with gravel, sand, and water. These rings are then set on top of the subsoil of the property. These types of foundations are very easy to construct, but they are also subject to many issues. So to ensure that your tubular foundation will last, you must make sure that it is installed properly.

Concrete Block Foundation

Concrete block foundations are made using poured concrete. Concrete blocks will have various shapes, and they are arranged in an orderly fashion on the foundation. Each block is poured, and then it is cured for about 30 days. These types of foundations are very good when you want to place them in a place that does not receive a lot of foot traffic. The material used for the foundation makes them quite durable.

Wood Foundation

Like concrete, wood is a weak foundation material. It’s also susceptible to pests that can cause it to decay. It’s true for your home too; pests will make your house more vulnerable to damage. If you want to avoid costly repairs down the road, it’s essential to ensure your wood foundation is mended, repaired, or replaced as needed.

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