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French Drain Installation Aftercare Tips

Everything You Need to Know About French Drains

Dealing with a permanent damp patch on your lawn or ending up with water in your basement after a severe rain storm has never been easier, and comes in the form of a French drain installation out or inside your home. Good drainage is vital for ensuring a dry and mold-free house. If you have groundwater sitting in your basement, not only is this an eyesore, but it can also cause mold and mildew to grow.

What Is a French Drain System?

An exterior French drain is a trench that is covered in rocks. It is connected to pipes that will carry water away from your home. The first part of a French drain is the elevated or higher end, this is known as a drain field. This is where the groundwater or excess surface water goes to the drainpipes. The second part is the exit point, which is the lowest point where the water will exit the drain.

Efficient Drainage

A significant advantage of French drains is their ability to carry water away from your home or foundation. You can choose where you want the water to be channeled to with either an interior or exterior French drain system. Whether you choose to send the water to a sump pump, septic tank, or as part of a French drain system combo, these drains will help to keep your basement dry, thus preventing any potential foundation damage.


They are surprisingly affordable when you compare them with other waterproofing techniques.

Transforms Your Lawn

You can change what is otherwise a damp, spongy lawn into a beautiful garden or a play area for your children to enjoy.


Installing a French drain is not that complicated, and the installation process can be quite quick, depending on the complexity and size of the drain you need.

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