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Home Renovation Tips for Creating a More Accessible Living Space

Creating a Safe Space for Your Aging Loved Ones

As we age, we require more assistance with everyday tasks. Adapting our homes to be more accessible to the elderly can help to ensure they remain independent and comfortable. Below, we’ll discuss how to renovate your house to make it more accessible to the elderly. Here are some home renovation ideas that will make your house more accessible for your aging loved ones:

Clear Pathways

One of the first renovation projects that should be taken on is making clear paths throughout the house. This means removing any furniture or d├ęcor that may obstruct walkways or cause a fall hazard. Additionally, carpets and rugs may require special non-slip high-traction backing and flooring should be replaced with an anti-slip finish.

Accessibility Changes

The next area of focus should be updating items that improve daily tasks for elderly people. Installing grab rails, providing wheelchair access to necessary areas of the house if needed, and adding lever taps for easier use are just a few examples of renovations that can make a difference.

Adjusting the Home’s Layout

Making sure common areas are wheelchair or walker-friendly is essential. Wide entryways and hallways should be installed to allow movement around the home. If the home lacks in size, elevators or stair lifts are also a great addition, so the individual can easily get to all levels of the home. It’s also helpful to create a central living space and bedroom on the ground floor.

Adapted Kitchens

Finally, renovating the kitchen of the home can be essential. Installing more accessible storage cupboards, pull-out shelves, and moveable work surfaces can greatly impact the ability to access things more easily. Consider the height of cabinets and the size of drawer handles to make sure they can be used without difficulty.

Whether you’re looking to make small changes or renovate your home entirely to make it more accessible, our team of professionals is here to help. Our renovation services at S&V Renovations, LLC are just a phone call away from the residents in North Little Rock, AR. You can contact us at (501) 330-8860 for a hassle-free custom home renovation consultation!

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