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Learn the Signs That It Is Time to Call a Foundation Repair Service

3 Most Common Foundation Issues

Your home’s foundation is where all its load-bearing walls and floor systems meet to support the weight of the house. It’s also located under the structure’s crawl spaces and is exposed to water, pollutants, and extreme climates. As a result, your foundation is constantly under stress, so it must be properly repaired and maintained if you want your house to last for years. But, how can you tell if there’s a foundation issue if you don’t have mildew or rot? If you’re wondering what are the signs, here are the top three issues that you should be aware of so that you will know the time to call for a foundation repair service:

Settling Cracks

If you see or experience settling and cracking, it can indicate serious foundation issues, such as settling cracks, and foundation heaving. Solutions to these issues range from structural repair and foundation embedment or shifting. You can also wait for it to settle on its own and then pour in a new foundation. If you have these problems and there’s no repair option available, you’ll have to remove your foundation and replace it with a new one.

Sounds and Vibrations

Sagging ceilings and walls can dampen your home’s interior sound, but they can also create interesting acoustics. If you hear sounds and vibrations coming from your foundation, then it’s an indicator of a foundation issue.


You might have seen news stories about sinkholes, which are holes that form in the ground, especially after heavy rain. They’re also known as collapse pits, which are sinkholes that form in your yard. If your yard, garden, or yard has a sinkhole and you don’t know why it forms, it can be a sign of a structural foundation issue. Solutions to these issues can range from minor repairs to repair and foundation shifting.

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