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Learn the Signs to Call a Foundation Repair Expert

4 Different Foundation Issues

Many homeowners are often quite surprised to learn that the foundation of their homes is the most important of all the parts of the home. This is because it is the foundation upon which all other structures are based and it must be strong enough to support all the weight of the house above it. This is why foundation repair is so important. Here is a list of different issues that can occur with your foundation.


Cracks in the foundation are often due to poor construction practices and poor workmanship. If a layer of concrete or fill is not properly mixed, this can result in tiny cracks in the finished foundation. The cracks are most commonly found in the walls and base of foundation walls. They are also common in the ears of support piers, which are located in the ground, often behind the structure. Most cracks will not usually affect the structural integrity of the house.

Water Issues

Even the best-maintained foundation will have some issues with water eventually. If a foundation was built on a wet spot or if the ground is naturally wet, then the house foundation may crack or shift over time as the ground around it settles and water levels rise and fall.

Sagging Foundation

Sagging floors can be caused by structural problems and problems with the foundation. Sagging floors can often be felt if you walk across them and this is mostly because of settling and other natural issues. When a house foundation is the cause of a sagging floor, it can often be fixed with a lot of work, labor, and money. The foundation is then re-built to more closely match the existing material.


Mold isn’t pretty, but it does have its place in a house. It can be found in walls and in your attic, and it’s even present in your septic system, but it shouldn’t be found in areas that are vital for the health and integrity of a home. Foundation issues are often related to this. Mold may be a sign of a structural problem.

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