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Tips Bathroom Renovation Company Tips on Getting Tiles Right the First Time

Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right the First Time

You’ve decided to tile your bathroom, the floor, the shower surround, or even both. However, it may be scary when you consider everything you must do to ensure that it looks well, is installed correctly and will last over time. Tiling is a labor-intensive process, but if you do it properly, the end product will be a bathroom you can proudly display to all your friends and family when they visit. You can tile your bathroom and be pleased with the results according to the advice provided by a bathroom renovation company.

Plan It Out

This comes into play only if you bought a tile with a pattern or will eventually create a pattern on your file. However, regardless of the floor’s pattern, you need to plan out the tile installation because you will need to cut around objects like bathtubs, vanities, and toilets. Additionally, you will need to make room for any fixtures or vents that protrude from your bathroom. Ensuring the pattern is straight is important, but it’s also crucial to ensure that the completed product will look good and that the cuts will be accurate. Place chalk lines on your floor or shower surround at this time if you’re undertaking a dry layout.

Double Check Tile Sizes

Make sure you know the size of the tiles you put while laying out the space and how they will sit on the floor. Even a small deviation can radically alter the layout of your floor. The size of the tiles you are putting in should be known.

Lay Your Tile From Ceiling Down or Center Out

If you’ve ever entered a bathroom with subpar tile work, you may have noticed that the cuts occasionally need to look more right or that there are sometimes little fragments in unexpected places. You may ensure your tile has as many full pieces as possible and looks properly installed by working from the center out or the ceiling down.

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