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Tips from French Drain Installation Experts

Use These Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Excessive exposure to water can weaken wood, cement, and other construction materials and make them more prone to failure. So, matter how durable and modern your property is, it would still be no match for water damage. The good news is that protecting your home from water damage can be easy if you’ll take several helpful steps. Start by installing French drains in your landscaping, which can help draw rainwater away from your property and ensure that it won’t seep into your house foundation. Aside from doing French drain installation, you can also:

Ensure that your gutters are always functional

Your house’s gutters are designed to channel rainwater from your roof and away from your siding and foundation. If your gutter system is properly designed and installed, it would have no problem with doing its job. However, if the gutters develop even small leaks, or if they’re too small for the amount of rainfall you usually get, they can increase your property’s risk for water damage. Because of this, you must regularly check your gutters and ensure they’re functional and leak-free.

Watch out for signs of plumbing leaks

Even the tiniest leak in your water pipes can lead to a significant amount of damage. So, just like with your gutters, you have to make it a habit to inspect your plumbing system regularly and make sure that everything is working properly. If you see any damaged pipes, or if you suspect that there are plumbing leaks behind walls or underneath the floor, call a trusted plumber right away.

Use these tips to protect your property from water damage and make it last longer! If you need more advice, or if you’d like to install French drains on your property and need expert assistance, make sure to call S&V Renovations, LLC. Our team is based in North Little Rock, AR, and we offer professional French drain installation services and other reliable solutions to our customers. Get in touch with us now at (501) 330-8860!

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