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Top Benefits of French Drain Installation

How Important Is a French Drain?

Are you thinking of a French drain installation? Before you do, you should know the benefits it can bring to your property. And if you want to know what those benefits are, continue reading this article. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing drainage system.

Improves Drainage

A French drain is a trench that has man-made earthen pipes running through it. These pipes are made of perforated PVC, which can carry away rainfall water that would normally flow towards your lawn’s surface and towards your foundation or your neighbor’s foundation. The perforations allow the water to pass through while retaining most of the rainwater so that it can be drained away.

Gives Your Lawn More Lifespan

Even though the drainage system is installed below the surface, it doesn’t mean that the water you place in the trench won’t have an impact on your grass. An underground drainage system offers a better irrigation system for your lawn. It means that your grass will have access to more water than before and this prevents it from drying and dying.

Makes Your Yard resistant to Flooding

If you have a vast yard, you might be prone to floods during heavy rain. A French drain can help you avoid this as it diverts the water to another place where it’s less likely to cause damage.

Boosts the Curb Appeal of Your Place

The curb appeal of your property is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a landscape design. If you have a beautifully designed lawn, you can achieve a great look for your home. A French drain can help you get there. It will add to the beauty of your garden.

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