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When to Seek Foundation Repair Services

Can Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation

While trees can add unparalleled appeal to your property, they can sometimes be harmful. Especially for your foundation. If you have a tree close to your house, stay mindful that roots can cause extensive damage to the foundation, often leading to the compromised structural integrity of the whole structure. Make sure you stay on this page to find out more about foundation damage and when to seek professional foundation repair.

How Roots Change the Layout

As a tree grows, its roots expand and develop. They become bigger, stronger, and, well… potentially dangerous. You might have heard about roots permeating in the sewer system, breaking pipes, and causing costly damages. But they can also damage your foundation.

With the growth of trees, the ground on which your property stands shifts. These subtle movements might not immediately cause damage to the foundation, but over time, they can cause cracks and gaps that can be difficult to repair.

Root Movement Over Time

As with any other plant, tree roots are constantly seeking water. They typically grow horizontally, but when they face an obstacle (driveway, foundation, or sidewalk), roots start growing downward. In case there is already a minor crack caused by soil movement, roots will instantly insert through it in search of nutrients. If the issue is not addressed immediately, cracks will grow bigger and bigger.

What Can You Do About It?

In case damage has already occurred on your property, make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you probably will not solve the issue just by hiring a professional foundation repair company, as you should also tackle the roots themselves. There are root barriers that can be installed underground around the tree. They help keep the roots from spreading uncontrollably, damaging your plumbing and foundations.

Of course, the fact that roots must be kept in good condition does not mean you should overlook repairing your foundation. If you need the assistance of a reliable and trustworthy foundation repair company in North Little Rock, AR, contact us at (501) 330-8860. S&V Renovations, LLC is a dependable home improvement company you can trust to meet your needs!

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