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Which Foundation Repair Solution is Right for You?

Foundation Repair Methods Demystified

The foundation is the backbone of any building, keeping it upright and sturdy. When issues arise, choosing the right repair method becomes crucial. Here, we break down some common foundation repair methods to help you decide which is best for your situation:

Slab Jacking

This method involves pumping a mixture under a slab or beam to raise and level the foundation. It’s a popular choice for those experiencing sinking or settling in their foundations. Slab jacking offers a quick fix and is less invasive than other methods.


Piering involves driving steel pilings deep into the ground to support and lift sinking foundations. This technique is ideal for homes built on unstable soil. While it can be more expensive than other methods, its durability and effectiveness are unmatched.

Wall Anchors

If your foundation walls are bowing or leaning, wall anchors can help. These are metal plates driven into the ground outside the problematic wall, connected by a rod to another plate inside the wall. Tightening the rod pulls the wall back into place, stabilizing it.


Water leakage is a common foundation issue. Using special sealants, cracks and small gaps in the foundation can be filled to prevent water intrusion. Sealing is a preventative measure, ensuring the longevity of your foundation by keeping moisture out.

Carbon Fiber Straps

These are used to reinforce weakened or cracked foundation walls. The straps are bonded to the wall, offering strength and stability without being too invasive. It’s a cost-effective method for those looking to fortify their foundation walls without major renovations.


If the original foundation isn’t strong or stable enough, underpinning can help. This involves digging sections beneath the current foundation and filling them with concrete or steel supports. It’s a complex method but is effective in improving foundation depth and strength.

When in doubt, it’s always best to consult with a foundation repair specialist. One that you can rely on for quality foundation services in the area is S&V Renovations, LLC. We’re known in North Little Rock, AR for our quick response, reliable repair solutions, and affordable rates.

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