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Why Corrugated Pipes Are Important for French Drain Installation

The Importance of Using Corrugated Pipes When Installing French Drains

French drains are a popular way to redirect water away from your home and prevent it from seeping back in. The system uses pipes to move the water away from the house, where it can then be filtered through gravel or sand before being released into a nearby body of water. While installing these types of drainage systems is simple enough, there are some things you should do before starting your project. Here’s why corrugated pipes are important for French drain installation:

A Durable Option

The corrugated PVC pipe is more durable than the other options, and it’s also flexible enough to withstand the pressure of water flowing through it. This makes it less likely that your French drain will break in an earthquake or other natural disaster. Additionally, you can cut these pipes on-site so they fit exactly into whatever configuration you need them to be in!

Can be Cut On Site

In addition to being more convenient, corrugated pipes can also be cut on-site. This eliminates the need for ordering pre-cut pieces that may not match up with your specific project. If you’re looking for an easy way to save time and money when installing French drains, consider using corrugated pipes instead of traditional PVC or ABS drainpipes.

More Flexible and Allows More Leeway

When installing a French drain, it’s important that you use corrugated pipes. The flexibility of these pipes allows for more leeway when installing your French drains. This makes it easier to install and cuts down on costs by allowing for fewer materials needed for the job. Pipes can be cut on-site as needed to fit whatever space you’re working in.

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